ONLINE ISSN 0974-021X / PRINT ISSN 0973-5321

VOLUME 2, NUMBER 2 (2007)

Aomar Anane, Omar Chakrone, Mohamed Filali and Belhadj Karim, Nodal Domains for the p-Laplacian, pages 135-140.

Miron Bekker, On a Class of Nondensely Defined Hermitian Contractions, pages 141-165.

Martin Bohner, Meihong Guan and Liancun Zheng, On Similarity Solutions for a Class of Nonlinear Diffusion Equations with Convection, pages 167-176.

Zhoujin Cui and Zuodong Yang, On Finite-time Blow-up for a Nonlocal Quasi-linear Parabolic Problem Describing Shear Bands in Metals, pages 177-186.

W.N. Everitt, L.L. Littlejohn and Davut Tuncer, Some Remarks on Classical Lagrangian Symmetric Differential Expressions and their Composite Powers, pages 187-206.

Roman Hilscher and Viera Růžičková, Perturbation of Time Scale Quadratic Functionals with Variable Endpoints, pages 207-224.

Jia Mu and Hong-Rui Sun, Nontrivial Solutions for Singular Nonlinear Three-Point Boundary Value Problems, pages 225-239.

Hicham Redwane, Existence of a Solution for a Class of Parabolic Equations with Three Unbounded Nonlinearities, pages 241-264.

Zhi-Qiang Zhu, Existence of Positive Solutions of Second Order Neutral Dynamic Equations on Time Scales, pages 265-282.