ISSN 0973-6069

VOLUME 5, NUMBER 1 (2010)

George A. Anastassiou, Time Scales Inequalities, pages 1-23.

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Raegan Higgins, Oscillation Results for Second-Order Delay Dynamic Equations, pages 41-54.

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Tadeusz Jankowski, Boundary Value Problems for First-Order Dynamic Equations, pages 83-93.

Xiu-Mei Lia and Guo-Mei Tang, Global Attractivity of a Higher-Order Nonlinear Difference Equation, pages 95-101.

Xinyuan Liao, Wan-Tong Li and Youssef Raffoul, Asymptotic Behaviour of Solutions of a Class of Nonlinear Difference Systems, pages 103-112.

A. K. Tripathy, Oscillatory Behaviour of a Class of Nonlinear Systems of First-Order Difference Equations, pages 113-127.