ONLINE ISSN 0974-021X / PRINT ISSN 0973-5321

VOLUME 14, NUMBER 2 (2019)

Mirela Garić-Demirović, Sabina Hrustić and Mehmed Nurkanović, Stability and Periodicity of Certain Homogeneous Second-Order Fractional Difference Equations with Quadratic Terms, pages 149-178.

Makoto Hayashi, A Criterion for the Unique Existence of the Limit Cycle of a LiÚnard-Type System with One Parameter, pages 179-187.

Johnny Henderson and Jeffrey T. Neugebauer, Comparison of Smallest Eigenvalues for Fractional-Order Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems, pages 189-199.

Curtis Kunkel, Positive Solutions to Singular Second-Order Boundary Value Problems on Time Scales, pages 201-211.

Thomas Ernst, On Three General q,ω-Apostol Polynomials and their Connection to q,ω-Power Sums, pages 119-148.

Ercan Tunš and Adil Kaymaz, Oscillatory Behavior of Second-Order Half-Linear Neutral Differential Equations with Damping, pages 213-227.