ISSN 0973-6069

VOLUME 6, NUMBER 1 (2011)

Lynn H. Erbe, Başak Karpuz and Allan C. Peterson, Kamenev-Type Oscillation Criteria for Higher-Order Neutral Delay Dynamic Equations, pages 1-16.

Christopher S. Goodrich, A Comparison Result for the Fractional Difference Operator, pages 17-37.

Roman imon Hilscher and Petr Zemnek, Overview of Weyl-Titchmarsh Theory for Second Order Sturm-Liouville Equations on Time Scales, pages 39-51.

Vu Van Khuong and Mai Nam Phong, A Note on the Asymptotic Solution of a Certain Rational Difference Equation, pages 53-57.

Jimin Zhang, Meng Fan and Martin Bohner, Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems with Feedback Control, pages 59-79.

Youwei Zhang, A Multiplicity Result for Nonautonomous Discrete Dirichlet Problems via Variational Methods, pages 81-90.