ONLINE ISSN 0974-021X / PRINT ISSN 0973-5321

VOLUME 15, NUMBER 2 (2020)

Buse Eralp and Fatma Serap Topal, Existence of Positive Solutions of Discrete Fractional Boundary Value Problems, pages 79-97.

Alaa E. Hamza, Maryam Alghamdi and Alaa Aljehani, On Hyers-Ulm and Hyers-Ulam-Rassias Stability of a Second Order Linear Dynamic Equation on Time Scales, pages 99-111.

Muhammad N. Islam and Jeffrey T. Neugebauer, Initial Value Problems for Fractional Differential Equations of Riemann-Liouville Type”, pages 113-124.

Clément Manga and Alioune Coulibaly, On Equations of Wiener-Poisson type with Small Parameters, pages 125-140.

Mokhtar Boumaaza and Mouffak Benchora, Caputo Type Modification of Erdélyi-Kober Fractional Differential Inclusions with Retarded and Advanced Arguments, pages 63-78.

Shrihari Sridharan and Atma Ram Tiwari, Lyapunov Exponents of Polynomials with Respect to Certain Weighted Lyubich Measures, pages 141-153.