ISSN 0973-6069

VOLUME 2, NUMBER 1 (2007)

P. Amster, P. De Nápoli and C.C. Tisdell, Variational Methods for Two Resonant Problems on Time Scales, pages 1-12.

Ozlem Batit, Function Spaces and their Dual Spaces on Time Scales, pages 13-23.

Boris Belinskiy, John R. Graef and Sonja Petrović, A Nonlinear Sturm-Picone Comparison Theorem for Dynamic Equations on Time Scales, pages 25-35.

M. Benchohra, S. Hamani, J. Henderson, S.K. Ntouyas and A. Ouahab, Differentiation and Differences for Solutions of Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems for Second Order Difference Equations, pages 37-47.

Bobbi Buchholz, Oscillation Criteria for Self-Adjoint Matrix Equations on Time Scales, pages 49-67.

Alberto Cabada, Discontinuous Functional Φ–Laplacian Boundary Value Problems on Time Scales, pages 69-78.

Nicole Garbers and Andreas Ruffing, Heim-Lorek Supermodels, pages 79-91.

Gusein Sh. Guseinov, Eigenfunction Expansions for a Sturm-Liouville Problem on Time Scales, pages 93-104.

Gro Hovhannisyan, Asymptotic Stability for 2 × 2 Linear Dynamic Systems on Time Scales, pages 105-121.

  Special Issue “Dynamic Equations on Time Scales”

 Edited by Martin Bohner and Allan Peterson