ISSN 0973-6069

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 1 (2016)

Antˇnio J. G. Bento, Rui A. C. Ferreira, Ewa Schmeidel and CÚsar M. Silva, Preface, pages 1-2.

Alina Dobrogowska and Galina Filipuk, Factorization Method Applied to Second-Order (q,h)-Difference Operators, pages 3-17.

El Hassan Eljaoui, Said Melliani and Lalla S. Chadli, Remarks on Fuzzy Differential Systems, pages 19-36.

Armengol Gasull, Mireia Llorens and VÝctor Ma˝osa, Continua of Periodic Points for Planar Integrable Rational Maps, pages 37-63.

Yacine Halim, A System of Difference Equations with Solutions Associated to Fibonacci Numbers, pages 65-77.

Nika Lazaryan and Hassan Sedaghat, Global Solutions and Periodic Solutions for a Second-Order Quadratic Rational Difference Equation, pages 79-103.

Joaquim Mateus, A Nonautonomous Discrete Epidemic Model with Isolation, pages 105-121.