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A St. Pat's Herald

As a St. Pat's Herald, you are

A natural promoter who knows how to get the word out.

A St. Pat's Guard

As a St. Pat's Guard, you are

The protective and strong, silent type.

A St. Pat's Mop

As a St. Pat's Mop, you are

An early riser and a hard worker who isn't afraid to get dirty - and get others dirty in the process.

A St. Pat's Sweatshirt

As a St. Pat's sweatshirt, you are

Warm and comfortable any time of the year and always ready to show your Missouri S&T and St. Pat's pride.

A St. Pat's Button

As a St. Pat's button, you are

A rare personality. You're not the most auspicious person in a room but you know how to stand out in your own special way.

A St. Pat's Mom

As a St. Pat's MOM, you are

Responsible yet easy-going. You look out for your pals in every situation. People look to you to keep order and structure. You keep your cool when others around you may lose theirs.

A St. Pat's Snake

As a St. Pat's Snake, you are

Hidden away for 11 months of the year - probably in Curtis Laws Wilson Library studying. But during the first week in March, you suddenly appear out of nowhere. During St. Pat's, you're likely to lose your head.

St. Pat

As St. Pat, you are

The Big Deal. People know you. You are legendary. We bow down before you and cry, "Cheers! Cheers!"

A St. Pat's Shillelagh

As a St. Pat's Shillelagh, you are

A pillar of support but are also not afraid to get right to the point. Whenever you sense that danger is near, you quickly and thoroughly bash the threat.

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