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A network of connection

Getting involved with S&T after graduation is more than serving on a committee. In fact, it can be just about anything you make it. From attending sporting events and talking with potential students to serving on the Miner Alumni Association Board of Directors, staying connected after graduation isn't difficult. Here are some of the ways you can get involved and stay involved.

Get involved!

Click your way through this flow chart to see the different ways others like you are already giving back to S&T.

Are you more formal or casual?

I can do formal

I'm pretty casual

How do you feel about public speaking?

I don't like to brag but I'm pretty good


Do you like to chat?

I love to chat. I could chat all day long about anything and everything.


How about sports?

Go Miners!

Ehh, not my thing

What is your thing?

I'm not sure

Just chillin'

Speak on campus
mineralumni.com/minerspeak Become an Alumni Admissions Ambassador and help recruit prospective S&T students in your community.
Email Larissa Winstead Become a Public Resource Ambassador and promote the value of public higher education to legislators in Missouri

What's next?

Donate to Missouri S&T From crowdfunding to phonathon, your support helps us lead in research, hire exceptional faculty and provide scholarships

Tell neighbors with high schoolers about S&T

I want to do more!

Read Missouri S&T Magazine and send updates for Class Notes Read your department newsletter and update information online

I don't like to read

Show your pride
Invest in athletics or attend an event

Become an officer in one of the 50-plus sections where alumni gather across the country

I just want to attend

I have more to offer!

Attend section events near you
Visit mineralumni.com/findyoursection or contact Travis Sewell

Wear S&T merchandise

Get elected to the Miner Alumni Association Board of Directors
Serve as the eyes and ears of our nearly 60,000 alumni. The Miner Alumni Association operates under their advisement. Find your area director at mineralumni.com/boardofdirectors