ONLINE ISSN 0974-021X / PRINT ISSN 0973-5321

VOLUME 13, NUMBER 1 (2018)

Fatimah Alahmadi, Youssef N. Raffoul and Shuruq Alharbi, Boundedness and Stability of Solutions of Nonlinear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations, pages 19-31.

Yi Chiuan Chen, A Proof of Devaney-Nitecki Region for the Hnon Mapping using the Anti-Integrable Limit, pages 33-43.

Fulya Yoruk Deren, Nukey Aykut Hamal and Tugba Senlik Cerdik, Existence Results for Semipositone Boundary Value Problems at Resonance, pages 45-57.

Senada Kalabu, Naida Mujić and Esmir Pilav, The Invariant Curve in a Planar System of Difference Equations, pages 59-71.

Sad Abbas, Mouffak Benchohra, Farida Berhoun and Juan J. Nieto, Weak Solutions for Impulsive Implicit Hadamard Fractional Differential Equations, pages 1-18.

A. K. Tripathy and A. K. Sethi, Sufficient Conditions for Oscillation and Nonoscillation of a Class of Second-Order Neutral Differential Equations, pages 73-90.