ONLINE ISSN 0974-021X / PRINT ISSN 0973-5321

VOLUME 1, NUMBER 1 (2006)

Haydar Akça, Rajai Alassar and Valéry Covachev, Stability of Neural Networks with Time Varying Delays in the Presence of Impulses, pages 1-15.

Douglas R. Anderson, Second-Order n-point Problems on Time Scales with Changing-Sign Nonlinearity, pages 17-27.

Leonid Berezansky and Elena Braverman, On Existence of Positive Solutions for Linear Difference Equations with Several Delays, pages 29-47.

Mahmoud M. El-Borai, On Some Stochastic Fractional Integro-Differential Equations, pages 49-57.

Thomas Ernst, Les Déterminants Généralisés de Cauchy, pages 59-77.

B.E. Rhoades and Ekrem Savaş, On Summability Factors for |N,pn|k, pages 79-89.

Adina Luminiţa Sasu, On Exponential Stability of Variational Difference Equations, pages 91-101.

Xiangyun Shi, Xueyong Zhou and Weiping Yan, The Asymptotic Behavior of Nonoscillatory Solutions of Some Nonlinear Dynamic Equations on Time Scales, pages 103-112.

Fu-Hsiang Wong, Cheh-Chih Yeh and Wei-Cheng Lian, An Extension of Jensen’s Inequality on Time Scales, pages 113-120.