Robert DuBois
  • Professor of Physics
  • phone: (573) 341-4708
  • fax:      (573) 341-4715
  • E-Mail:
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    urn with Teslas ashes
    explaining poster at 5th CEPAS
    ATOMKIstatue of Lord Kelvin
    Urn with Tesla's ashes: Belgrade, SerbiaProfessor DuBois explaining his poster during the  5th CEPAS meeting in Belgrade, SerbiaVisiting the ATOMKI laboratory in Debrecen, HungaryStatue of Lord Kelvin: Belfast, Ireland
    CEPAS conference photo
    POSMOL 2011MPS conference photo
    Conference photo at the 5th CEPAS in Belgrade, SerbiaReception at the POSMOL meeting in Maynooth, IrelandMPS conference photo: Sendai, Japan
    GSI controlroomDarmstadtiumeotvos apparatusGalileos tomb
    GSI: main control room during an experimentDarmstadtium: the newest elementEötvös apparatus in Miscolc, HungaryGalileo's tomb: Florence, Italy