Welcome to the Aerospace Plasma Lab!
Joshua L. Rovey, PhD
Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Director of the Aerospace Plasma Laboratory

PhD: University of Michigan

Focus: Plasma application to aerospace engineering challenges


Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. Candidates

Paul Friz

Ph.D. research focus: Entry, Descent, and Landing Technology Evaluation

NASA Langley Pathways Intern
Graduate Research Assistant
Chancellor's Fellow
Missouri Space Grant Fellow

Zach Gill

Ph.D. research focus: Physics of Pulsed Inductive Gas Breakdown

Missouri S&T Chancellors Distinguished Fellow

Matt Glascock

Ph.D. research focus: Ablation, Thermophysics, and Performance of Electrically Ignited Solid Propellant

NASA Space Technology Research Fellow
Graduate Research Assistant
Chancellors' Fellow
Missouri Space Grant Fellow
OURE Fellow
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Intern

Jaykob Maser

Ph.D. research focus: Optical Linear Accelerators for Slow Heavy Particles

Graduate Research Assistant
Chancellor's Fellow

Alex Mundahl

Ph.D. Research focus: Performance Characterization of Multi-mode Microtube-Electrospray Micropropulsion

Missouri S&T Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow

Andrew Taylor

Ph.D. Research focus: Microtube Combustion Modeling of Liquid Multi-mode Monopropellants

Missouri S&T Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow

Mitchell Wainwright

Ph.D. Research focus: Electrospray Physics of Double Salt Ionic Liquids

GAANN Fellow



Jing Hu, Ph.D. Dec 2012 - Now Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Ryan Pahl, Ph.D. Dec 2014 - Now Research Engineer at Raytheon, Albuquerque NM.
Shawn Miller, Ph.D. May 2015 - Now Research Engineer at AFRL Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque NM.
Warner Meeks, Ph.D. July 2015 - Now Assistant Teaching Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology.
Steve Berg, Ph.D. Dec. 2015 - Now President and CEO Froberg Aerospace LLC, Rolla, MO.

Brian Donius, M.S. May 2010
Joseph Ferry, M.S. May 2010
David Zidar, M.S. May 2011
John Ben Gaither, M.S. May 2011
Steve Berg, M.S. May 2012
Andrew Heckman, M.S. May 2012
Timothy Nichols, M.S. May 2012
Mark Emanuel, M.S. Dec 2012
Warner Meeks, M.S. Dec 2012
Alex Satonik, M.S. May 2013
Paul Friz, M.S. May 2014
Matthew Paliwoda, M.S. Aug 2016
Matthew Glascock, M.S. Dec 2016
Jeremiah Hanna, M.S. May 2017

2016-2017 APLab Staff
Spring 2017 Left to right: (front row) Matt Glascock, Zach Gill, Dr. Rovey, Mitchell Wainwright, Andrew Taylor
(back row) Jeremiah Hanna, Paul Friz, Alex Mundahl, Jaykob Maser
Not pictured: Steve Berg

2015-2016 APLab Staff
Spring 2016 Left to right: (front row) Matt Glascock, Dr. Rovey, Mitch Wainwright,
(back row) Steve Berg, Matt Paliwoda, Jeremiah Hanna, Alex Mundahl
Not pictured: Paul Friz, Jaykob Maser, Zach Gill

2014-2015 APLab Staff
Spring 2015 Left to right: (front row) Jaykob Maser, Joe Hakanson, Dr. Rovey, Warner Meeks,
(back row) Alex Mundahl, Matt Paliwoda, Steve Berg, Matt Glascock, John Sumpter
Not pictured: Paul Friz, Shawn Miller

2013-2014 APLab Staff
Spring 2014 Left to right: Ryan Pahl, Dr. Rovey, Steve Berg, Brynne Coleman, Paul Friz, Matt Glascock
Not pictured: Shawn Miller, Warner Meeks

2012-2013 APLab Staff
Spring 2013 Left to right: Warner Meeks, Steve Berg, Ryan Pahl, Paul Friz, Matt Glascock, Dr. Josh Rovey
Not pictured: Shawn Miller, Alex Satonik

2011-2012 APLab Staff
Spring 2012 Left to right: (back row): Alex Satonik, Andrew Heckman, Steve Berg
(thrid row): Mark Emanuel, Timothy Nichols, Jason Stumfoll, Warner Meeks
(second row): Ryan Pahl, Tim Collard, Sam Pomeroy, Dr. Josh Rovey
(front row): Andrea Els, Jing Hu
Not pictured: Scott Replogle, Shawn Miller

2010-2011 APLab Staff
Spring 2011 Left to right: (back) Dr. Rovey, Mark Emanuel, Ben Gaither, Alex Satonik, Timothy Nichols, David Zidar, Andrew Heckman, Shawn Miller, Warner Meeks
(front) Jing Hu, Whitney Lewis, Tom Hulsey, Ryan Pahl, and Mike Solari
Not pictured: Steve Berg, Maggie Mawhiney, Rebecca Miller

2009-2010 APLab Staff
Spring 2010 Left to right: (back) Andrew Heckman, Warner Meeks, Ryan Pahl, Joe Ferry, Brian Donius
(front) Dr. Rovey, Jason Thrasher, Ben Gaither, Shawn Miller, and David Zidar
Not pictured: Jocelyn Bailey, Jing Hu, Thea Tadlock

2008-2009 APLab Staff
Spring 2009 Left to right: (back) Andrew Heckman, Joe Ferry, Brian Donius, Ben Gaither
(front) Shawn Miller, Chris White, Dr. Rovey, and Jing Hu